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About Chris Robins

Awesome Yoga is owned by Chris Robins. Chris has been practicing and studying Yoga for over 30 years and teaching Iyengar Yoga for 30 years

He initially started training with the British Wheel of Yoga and Iyengar Yoga, after a short period followed the Iyengar path only.

He currently holds a Intermediate Level 3 certificate and has attended intensives at the Iyengar Institute in Pune.

Chris is a Professional “Remedial / Sports” Therapist trained to a high standard. Chris provides the following treatment’s – Remedial Massage Therapy, Sports Therapies, Therapeutic Massage, Posture Analysis, NMT (Neuromuscular Massage Therapy), Deep Tissue, Lower Back & Sciatica treatment, Shoulder & Neck release treatments, Myofascial Release treatment, Release of Hips and Shoulder articulation massage – for frozen Shoulders, Sport Injuries, Rotor Cuff injuries etc + India Head Massage, Warm Bamboo Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Treatments in Pregnancy and Childbirth, Hot Stone Therapy, Advanced Massage Techniques.


Yoga in Cardiff, Newport and Swansea

*** CORONA Virus ******
Due to the CORONA Virus all Classes have stopped as of Monday 23-Mar20.

Update on when classes will re-start – TBA “Jun-21”

Therefore there will be no Classes at any of the venues until further notice 🙂
I will update this site once all restrictions have been lifted.

From the 6th-April-20…. I am now offering LIVE online Iyengar Yoga classes, LIVE 121 Yoga, Therapy Consultations / Physio work, Physio exercises, LIVE “Abs” sessions

Live Yoga classes begin 6th April
Then every Monday and Wednesdays at 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Online cost on inquiry

For 121 Tuition and therapies, please contact me directly

I am using Zoom… Zoom is a free video-Conferencing software. Very simple to use
You can download the Zoom application APP (better Quality) on your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone…. or just simply open it on your browser.

To sign up for classes, contact me preferred Text / WhatsApp 07979500212 or email at least 40 minutes before prior to class. You will then be Text / WhatsApp a link and password, after payment.

For students who pre-book …. link and password will be given up-front

As I’m getting used to using this platform…. for classes I suggest the following props (if available): A Mat, Strap/Rope, Wood Blocks, Foam Blocks, Bolster, Yoga chair if available.

Tip on setting up your positioning for class…. have your Mat image “WIDTH ways” on your Laptop, Tablet or Phone. You will be a few metres away….you will see your image from the front

Thank you for your patience and support at this time

Time for practice now….. stay safe, keep healthy…… Chris


Chris teaches mixed ability classes in Cardiff, Swansea  and Newport – Introduction, Beginners, General, Levels 1 and 2, Intermediate, Remedial and Private classes for people with physical difficulties or injuries.

Keen to deepen his studies, he is now studying towards his Senior Certificate and studying with Stephanie Quirk’s unsurpassed therapeutic course for remedial Yoga.

Chris’s passions outside the world of yoga is Hangliding up in the Welsh mountains “breathtaking” or out Mountain biking anywhere in Wales best on a sunny day “nice to be alive”.

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